The Verein der Akademie für Bildung, Culture, Kunst, Jugend und Sport der Europäischen Union (VABCKJS-EU) was born in the enchanting city of Vienna, which hosted the cultural treasures in April 2021. Despite being a young organization, VABCKJS-EU has rapidly ascended on a solid foundation, embarking on significant projects across various fields in Europe, focusing on youth, culture, art, education, and sports.

Vision and Mission

VABCKJS-EU pursues a mission to inspire young people by bringing them together through culture, art, education, and sports. It has a vision that celebrates the rich cultural diversity of Europe, encouraging young individuals to surpass boundaries, acquire new skills, and learn from each other by coming together.

Dynamic Team and Youthful Spirit

The strength of VABCKJS-EU lies in the synergy of its youthful spirit and an experienced team. Our team, each specialized in their respective fields, supports and guides the youth, enabling the successful realization of our projects.

International Projects and Collaborations

VABCKJS-EU supports and implements various projects for young people, particularly playing an active role in European-wide programs such as Erasmus Plus and European Solidarity Corps. Additionally, through diverse projects at the local, national, and international levels, we contribute to the personal and professional development of young individuals.


Areas of Activity


Within the realm of culture, we strive to celebrate and preserve the rich tapestry of European heritage, facilitating cultural exchanges, and supporting initiatives that promote cultural diversity and understanding.


Our dedication to the arts extends to promoting creativity, artistic expression, and cultural dialogues. We believe in the transformative power of art to inspire, connect, and contribute to a vibrant cultural landscape.

Youth and Sports

Empowering youth and promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports are integral aspects of our mission. We actively engage in initiatives that encourage youth participation, leadership development, and the promotion of sports for personal well-being.

Personal Development

Committed to personal development, we offer programs and initiatives that focus on individual growth, skill enhancement, and the cultivation of talents, ensuring that individuals reach their full potential.

People with Disabilities

In our efforts to create an inclusive society, we work towards advocating for the rights and well-being of people with disabilities. Our programs aim to enhance accessibility and promote equal opportunities for all.


We support entrepreneurship by fostering an environment that encourages innovation, providing resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, and facilitating networking opportunities to help transform creative ideas into sustainable businesses.

Rural Development and Agriculture

Recognizing the importance of rural communities, we actively engage in projects that contribute to rural development and sustainable agriculture practices, promoting economic growth and environmental stewardship.


Embracing the opportunities of the digital age, we integrate digitalization into our diverse activities to enhance accessibility, connectivity, and innovation across all our focus areas.


As the Verein der Akademie für Bildung, Culture, Kunst, Jugend und Sport der Europäischen Union, our commitment to education involves fostering innovative approaches to learning, ensuring access for diverse communities, and promoting lifelong learning opportunities.

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Project Specialist

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If you are seeking collaboration opportunities within the framework of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps, we are eager to develop joint projects with you and involve you among our partners.



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